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If you want to demystify the concept of empathy & ultimately gain a sense of social safety in your workplace, join DRIVEN’s November 16th webinar to reveal how empathy can be a productivity enhancer.

Last Day To Register!  Email Ldivincenzo@spplus.com

Research done by DDI (Development Dimensions International) found that empathy, which is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is a “critical driver of overall performance” for management. Yet empathy isn’t taught or even evaluated in the workplace.

During DRIVEN’s November OfficeHours, we’ll explore why empathy is a differentiator, how to practice empathy and what gets in the way of having empathy in the workplace. Naturally, neuroscience will play a role in the discussion as we explore how empathy can contribute to a sense of workplace social safety. We’ll also explore the difference between empathy and sympathy and introduce new research findings about what may surpass empathy as a critical communication proficiency.

Last Day To Register!  Email Ldivincenzo@spplus.com

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