The WAF Advocate of the Year award recognizes the efforts made by a manager at increasing the representation of women in the parking industry and within leadership roles at SP+. Dia Dopp is someone who demonstrates and promotes the spirit of WAF by fostering growth, leadership, and success for women by cultivating an environment of inclusion and opportunity.

Dia is the founding co-lead of the WAF Atlanta chapter. She has invested considerable time and energy in making her chapter successful. Dia assists with arranging quarterly “Lunch and Learn” sessions, where chapter members receive hands-on training and mentoring. Thanks to her mentoring and support, seven employees under her watch have received promotions.

Dia has also organized several community outreach projects for her chapter, including a back-to-school supplies drive and coat drive for the homeless, and serves as a mentor to several women in the Atlanta area.

Congratulations Dia!

Pictured: Nicole Hankins (WAF Chair, Marc Baumann (CEO), Dia Dopp (SM), Jason Spoeth (VP, RMIII)