The SP+ Women’s Advisory Forum (WAF) often sponsors networking events and conferences for employees to learn about gender diversity in the workplace. Last week, the team from our Seattle offices was invited to attend “Breaking Barriers in Male-Dominated Fields,” a virtual conference hosted by the S.H.E Summit.

From the conference, many of our employees learned about the importance of diversity to maintaining a healthy culture where employees can grow personally and professionally. “Promoting and embracing diversity, which includes both gender and race, is a huge part in changing company culture,” said Jamie Harris.

The team also learned that companies have to create an environment where employees feel comfortable in being themselves. Employees should not feel like they have to confine to society’s stereotypes of how their gender should act. “We all need to understand how people are different as opposed to making them feel like they have to fit in defined boxes,” said Chris Johnson, “How do you mentor others if you are only emulating those around you, and not making the position your own or bringing fresh ideas to the table?”

Many of our employees felt enlightened after attending the conference, and thanks to its success, the Women’s Advisory Forum looks forward to sponsoring similar events in the future.