Please join us in congratulating Damaris Brito as the November Employee Spotlight Winner!

Damaris Brito was recently promoted to Regional Manager I. In her new role as a Regional Manager, Damaris will manage a portfolio consisting of leases and management locations across New York and New Jersey. “I love the diversity of operations. No day is the same and the challenges give me an opportunity to make things better.” Damaris beamed!

Damaris joined the Company in 2010, and due to her managerial talent and financial skills, she was quickly promoted to Facility Manager. Before joining the parking industry, Damaris was a Senior Account Manager at an airline catering company. “When I applied to SP+ I wanted to be a simple executive assistant with no more managerial responsibilities and go home at 5 pm. I wasn’t “meant” to stay in parking, however, my first Senior Manager challenged me to stay and advance. I vowed to stay and showed that I can, and so I did.”

Damaris’s optimism is engaging and encouraging. When asked what is the most proud, she beamed, “I am proud of every single moment of my life from being appreciative to wake up and see another day/amazing sun that warms us each day, to be able to provide for my family; but I still don’t feel deserving of so many things and so many blessings. “ You are 100% deserving, Damaris!

In 2018, Damaris was appointed Chapter Lead of the newly launched Tri-State Chapter of the Women Advisory Forum (WAF). A role she embraces as an opportunity to actively participate in change leadership. “My biggest skill is teaching and the greatest talent is helping others… There is a return investment in time well spent teaching others.”

We are proud to shine a very deserving spotlight on Damaris Brito; our persistent, resilient, and confident November Employee Spotlight Winner!