The SP+ Women’s Advisory Forum recently sponsored Jasmine Legaspi, Regional Office Manager for the San Francisco Bay Area, to attend the Women in Parking Conference in Atlanta. Jasmine, who was chosen among many applicants to attend the conference, found great value in her experience.

“I was able to meet others and share what we go through on a daily basis,” said Jasmine after the conference. “I was able to share and think about what happened at our different locations and hear about other issues.”

During the two-day conference, Jasmine had an opportunity to network with successful women leaders from the parking industry, and learn from their experiences on achieving professional goals.

“The networking session at the end was big for me because the speakers spoke about how their network helped them move up to where they are today,” commented Jasmine about the speakers. “There will always be someone there to help you and motivate you to reach your dreams.”

According to Jasmine, attending the conference was a great and eye opening experience for her. “The conference made me think about what I wanted for myself personally and career wise,” concluded Jasmine.