Please join us in celebrating Monica Yeung’s contributions to SP+ and WAF. Monica is currently a Marketing Communications Associate for SP+ Marketing Services. She develops and manages content to support our company’s B2B and B2C marketing initiatives by utilizing a variety of traditional and interactive channels such as web, social, email, print, and digital.

The focus of her work is to build brand awareness and developing the best marketing strategy to generate new business and sales with our internal and external clients. This can be as “simple” as setting up a location for e-commerce or designing a new hero spot for one of‘s city homepages, or as complex as creating a dedicated landing page or website for a client.

After graduating from graduate school, Monica’s first full-time job was with a media ad agency located in Times Square, NYC. Some of the major clients she worked with included the NBA, Estee Lauder, and Panasonic. When she applied to work at SP+, the company was just beginning to build out its marketing team. Monica originally came in to assist with developing print collateral, such as brochures and newsletters, until she earned the opportunity to expand into other areas of marketing.

Monica affirms, “A lot of what I know today, I owe to the opportunities that I was given, and the professional support and mentoring of Charles Cangialosi, Senior Director of Web Design & Content.” While reflecting on life, Monica shares the lessons she has learned, “Life has thrown so many curveballs at me, both personally and professionally, but somehow, each time I manage to survive. Although it may be tough, as long as I stay positive and true to myself, I should be able to overcome any adversity life may bring… I often like to reflect and think about how much I have grown over the years, personally and professionally. Through the experiences I have had, the people whom I met, and the challenges that I have faced, I finally understand who I am as a person. I can now confidently say what I like or don’t like, what my aspirations are, and don’t feel bad if I disagree with someone’s actions or words.” It is no wonder her life motto is “Keep calm, and carry on.”

Did you know Monica describes herself as a “foodie”? Monica’s father was a chef who owned two restaurants in NYC before he retired, and her grandfather and great-grandfather were both chefs. Monica proudly proclaims “ I don’t eat to live, I was born to eat. It’s literally in my DNA.” When it comes to charitable causes, Monica is an enthusiastic advocate for quality early education. “Both of my parents have a middle school education and immigrated to the U.S. without knowing any English. Understanding the importance of having a good education, they made school an important priority for me while growing up. They didn’t want me to go through the same struggles as they did, and now that I’m older I can definitely see how the education they gave me opened opportunities for me.”

Congratulations Monica and thank you for your hard work and contributions.