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Ditch The Downplay is a complimentary mini-course that encourages women to advocate for themselves and build a foundation for doing so in the workplace.

Ericka Spradley is an experienced Consultant, Coach, Interview Trainer, former Hiring Manager, and Career Readiness Adjunct Professor, and currently offers long-term career guidance.

In less than 30 min, you will learn 5 steps to implement immediately that will help you “Ditch The Downplay”!

Successful completion of this course can result in the following outcomes:

1. Understand the definition of “Ditch The Downplay” and how it’s negatively impacting your career

2. Discover communication tactics that enhance your presence and personal power

3. Build self-advocacy by incorporating 5 core components that position you to stop downplaying who are you and what your strengths are in the workplace

4. Consistently leveraging the 5 core components can also result in increased visibility

5. Identify “assets” you possess (those that are NOT holding you back) so you can ditch perfection and stop undermining your professional success

6. Examine Gender Blindness and why “ungendering” certain qualities increases confidence

7. Understand what mental toughness is and what it is not with a goal of creating actionable steps to improve your weakest mental toughness trait

8. Identify the 5 detrimental ways women undermine and sabotage their professional success

9. Understand how to position your “ask” (what you need to advance and/or accelerate your career)

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