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When we talk about “emotional intelligence,” we often do so in rigid terms – to possess emotional intelligence, we most have a clear conception of who we are, and who others are. This way of thinking does not always capture the flexible and ever-changing composition of human beings.

In this webninar, Kristen Donnelly invites us to think of ourselves in a way we likely never have: as trampolines. Through this unique analogy, Kristen allows us to reframe our perceptions of ourselves (and others) so that we may better understand and work with each other to achieve our goals.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Leave with immediately implementable, pragmatic tips to understand yourself better
  • Learn how to strengthen communication with your team
  • Find better ways to run yourself and your company

Kristen is a sociologist, social worker, researcher, and educator who researches how what people believe about themselves and the world affects how they live their lives.

Hosted by: Ellevate Network

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