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Does your judgment often miss the mark, leading to strained relations at work? If so, join DRIVEN’s October 18th webinar, when they’ll offer strategies to release judgment and embrace open-mindedness.

We, humans, are judgmental by nature. We also jump to conclusions and make assumptions perpetually. And in the business world, we’re even quicker to judge, since executive presence is imperative to develop if you want to rise in leadership. Did you know that it takes a lightning-fast .07 seconds to make a first impression? This means that someone has jumped to a conclusion about you before you even say a word. And the reciprocal is true, too. You make assumptions about others without even being consciously aware that you’re doing so.

Sadly, once you’ve judged and made assumptions, which are rooted in your own bias, the conclusions you come to are often erroneous. This happens in a variety of situations, from misinterpreting electronic communications to how a colleague greets you (or ignores you). The trick is to stay in tandem with colleagues so communication becomes flawless. This will be the theme of DRIVEN’s October Office Hours and will lead you to healthy relationships at work, resulting in more creative solutions and innovative approaches to challenges. First, we’ll consider why our judgment often misses the mark and shuts us out of potential connections. Then we’ll explore the re-lease of judgment, which is to employ a beginner’s mindset. Join us to experience the freedom of acceptance and the creativity that an open-minded state offers.

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