End of Average

by Todd Rose Have you ever felt down because your life has not followed the traditional path of school, college, great career, marriage, kids, etc? Todd Rose, failed class after class, dropped out of high school with a 0.9 GPA, was holding minimum wage jobs to support a wife and son and was referred to [...]

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High Output Management

by Andy Grove Andy Grove’s book High Output Management is considered a top management book by insiders in Silicon Valley. As your read how Andy Grove managed Intel, you will be reminded of basic management responsibilities such as ensuring you have a process to fix problems at the lowest stage possible before more time and resources [...]

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First Break All The Rules

From Gallup  If you are managing people, you are likely to find some great advice in this book. Based on research studies from 80,000 manager across 400 companies, the information in this book will help you select the right people in the role, prioritize where you spend your time and how you motivate people on your [...]

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How Women Decide

by Therese Huston In How Women Decide, Therese Huston has delivered a guidebook to understanding the strengths women bring to decision making. If you have doubted your ability to make decisions, Therese’s offers research that shows men and women have an equally hard time making decisions. However, under specific conditions, the ways women and men make [...]

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