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Inspire audiences to take action. Lisa Zuba shares her time-tested presentation-preparation system that will make your next presentation memorable.

We’ve all been there… stuck in a presentation that’s a recitation of someone’s Powerpoint slides…or having to listen to a monotone speaker drone on and on without regard to the audience. These types of presentations leave the audience with a poor perception of the speaker, and can sap your own confidence as a speaker and expert in your field.

Would you enjoy feeling more confident when giving a presentation? Would you like people to come up to you after a presentation and say, “Wow that was great! I learned so much from your talk.” Whether you’re speaking in front of 5 or 500 hundred people, Making Presentations Pop, will help increase your confidence and provide you with skills to give an exciting presentation.

In Making Presentations Pop you’ll get:

  • Confidence to speak in front of a variety of groups . . . from 5 to 500.
  • Strategies to begin and end your presentation so that you can maintain the rapt attention of your audience.
  • Skills to create a well-organized presentation.
  • Tips on how to reduce filler words, like uh, so, um, to streamline your delivery.
  • Ideas on how to speak your audience’s language.
  • Methods to incorporate audio & visual aids that won’t interfere with your delivery.

Given in a workshop model, Making Presentations Pop offers participants hands-on exercises and handouts so you can leave armed with your new skills and ready to receive applause.

lunch and networking: 11:30am – noon

workshop: noon – 1:30 PM


Interested In Attending?

Please email wafinformation@spplus.com bye Thursday 2/8 with your name, title, location and name  of event to be considered.  Limited spaces available.


Event Hosted by: Ellevate Network

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