The SP+ Women’s Advisory Forum (WAF) invited some of our employees to attend the book launch of Own It by Sallie Krawcheck. The book shares Sallie’s view on how it is the perfect time for women to embrace their talents and skills in the workforce.

The special event celebrated the book’s debut and featured panelists sharing their own experiences.

“I thought the event was great. It was very entertaining and they kept us engaged throughout the session. The panelists’ answers were frank and relatable, not only professionally, but personally.”

— Gabrielina Tineo, Administrative Assistant

“Women can succeed. We just need to believe in our accomplishments and push through. It was inspiring to hear so many women speak about the goals they set for themselves and accomplished. I think it gave all of us a pick-me-up.”

— Frances Materasso, Senior Manager II

“The Own it Launch was very inspiring, educational and eye opening. I enjoyed learning about all these women who are “owning” it. It was so uplifting to hear.”

— Sylvia Rios, Senior Manager I

“I was reminded that a woman is as important in a work environment as a man and could provide an intellectual balance to any company.”

— Jayna Perez, Facility Manager