Several SP+ employees recently participated in “Three Steps to Take to Achieve Success,” a WAF-sponsored event on how to achieve personal success. The event, which was held in Montclair, New Jersey, featured Janet Neal, the founder of The Superbwoman, Inc.

Some major takeaway points from the seminar included tips on moving from living someone else’s idea of your life to living your own powerful version of it, and the importance of Awareness, Acceptance, Abundance as keys to finding your innate power.

“The key to being successful in the corporate world is to choose a path that directly aligns with your values and not what someone else says that you should be doing,” commented Yekesha Frederick, SP+ Regional Training Manager on what she learned from this event.  “9 out of 10 times the stumbling blocks we encounter as women in the corporate arena are our own preconceived notions of what we think others think about us and our worth/abilities, which ironically are non-existent outside of our own heads.”

In addition to receiving helpful tips, attendees enjoyed an evening of networking and refreshments at the event.