WAF is proud to announce Cherylann Bosse as the newest star of our Employee Spotlight!

Cherylann was recently promoted to Senior Manager of the Northeast Region! With 26 years of experience in the parking industry, Cherylann is a master of operations.

Cherylann started her career as a Cashier at the Worcester Plaza Garage. Her diligent and efficient work earned her a management position. As an Area Manager, she oversaw several locations, including parking for events, hotels, and mixed-use properties. Through unmitigated grit and determination, Cherylann has scaled the ladder to become a respected leader in the parking industry.

Cherylann credits her mother for her exceptional work ethic, “My mom always said, ‘Work is hard, so approach your tasks with honesty and integrity to treat others as you would want to be treated then the work will not seem so hard.’” And we couldn’t agree more with the wisdom her mother shared!

And like her mother, Cherylann has shared the wisdom that applies to us all. “I have always put forth my best at the job I am doing. [It is important to] find great people along the way, with patience and knowledge, to teach and guide in success.”

Congratulations, Cherylann! We are so happy to have her apart from our WAF team!