The SP+ Women’s Advisory Forum recently sponsored a group to attend an event hosted by The Ellevate Network in North Carolina, How the Most Remarkable Leaders Think: An Introduction to Mindfulness at Work. The event focused on encouraging participants to lead themselves and others by understating the cause-and-effect relationship between what one thinks and does.

“This was a great event. The group, Ellevate, puts on a great networking opportunity. The guest speaker, a Charlotte resident, has quite a resume. We all enjoyed her talk.”

– Kerry Beck, Regional Manager

“Thanks to this event, I learned that you must do what you need to complete your tasks. Care for yourself, keep yourself healthy. Keep working towards equality in the work place and wage wise.”

– Alice Wallace, Facility Manager

“I especially will utilize the tips for being more mindful in stressful situations. Taking the time to calm my reactions before speaking out of line.”

– Carol Simons, Facility Manger